What SmartOrder means for you

  • 01
    Allow guests to order using their smartphone or tablet
    Mobile ordering increases the speed at which guests order from your menu.
  • 02
    Lost in translation becomes a thing of the past
    As menu- and service-items can be presented in any language.
  • 03
    Clear, beautiful menus to show what ever your establishment has on offer
    With the ability to show beautiful pictures
  • 04
    Stand Alone and easy to change
    Staff has full control over the content of the menu 24/7.

Guest Experience

SmartOrder increases the speed at which guests order. Quick selection without having to pick up the phone is a comfort after long flights.
Review your data from the month before and get unique insight into your staff efficiency and orders made. Pick up on potential loss of revenue with SmartOrder, because we support many languages. What restraints a guest might have to struggle in English are instantly eliminated.

Innovation & Technology Management

SmartOrder is innovative. Guests are awaiting this technology to appear in their hotels for a reason: It represents a new generation of comfort and guest experience.

Apps and technology are changing the face of many businesses, allowing them to adapt to the evermore demanding customers. SmartOrder is an easy transition that is simple to manage.

Successful economic solutions

SmartOrder will not knock your budget down in one fell swoop. We want to provide the entire hospitality world with this upgrade and therefore made our service economically viable. For you, your establishment and more importantly, the guest.

What is important to us at SmartOrder is that we help your service be the best it can be.

We will always be in touch with you might you have trouble with the service.

Update offers and specials in brilliant images at any time

Easily uploaded images are a sure way to promote your outlets directly