What Bizzer means for you

  • 01
    Allow guests to request service using their smartphone or tablet
    Orders arrive on a companion app for staff. Quick and efficient communication.
  • 02
    Full Meeting Schedule? no problem
    A better workflow is guaranteed as staff can better distribute their tasks instead of waiting to assist.
  • 03
    Clear, beautiful digital menu where users select their request.
    With the option for pictures, fully customizable orders and all marketing material you want your guest to see.
  • 04
    Fully stand-alone for easy set-up
    All digital requests arrive directly with your team.


Bizzer ensures a direct line of communication between your guest and staff. Your guest is able to let your staff know specifically what they require or would like to know, ensuring more efficient service and a better guest experience. Enable your guest to stay in their meeting space and focus on the business at hand without having to leave the room for service.


Your team is able to focus on other tasks at hand as they are reachable directly on their digital device anywhere in the hotel. A small team overseeing many meeting rooms are instantly reachable by your guests.

Innovation & Technology Management

Bizzer is innovative. It is the tightening of a line of contact that benefits staff and guest alike

Apps and technology are changing the face of many businesses, allowing them to adapt to the evermore demanding customers. Bizzer is an easy to both implement and manage addition of service. Smartphones are the tool to bridge guest and staff, and promote outlets and offers directly. Your establishment is ready for Service 2.0 For questions please write to Delano@Smartorderapp.com