What Bizzer means for you

  • 01
    Allow guests to order using their smartphone or tablet
    Mobile ordering increases the speed at which guests receive service.
  • 02
    Lost in translation becomes a thing of the past
    As menu and service items can be presented in any language.
  • 03
    Clear, beautiful menus to show what ever your establishment has on offer
    With the ability to show beautiful pictures.
  • 04
    Stand-alone easy set-up
    Easy to manage and maintain for staff.


Bizzer creates a direct line of contact between guest and staff allowing fast and clear communication as well as direct promotion of outlets
Review your data from the month before and get unique insight into your staff efficiency and orders made. Anything your guest may need during their meeting is sent directly to staff.

Innovation & Technology Management

Bizzer is innovative.

Apps and technology are changing the face of many businesses, allowing them to stay in direct contact with their customers. Bizzer is an easy addition that will benefit both staff and guest. Smartphones are already used for daily interaction, your establishment is ready for Service 2.0

Successful economic solutions

Bizzer is a cost-effective update to service, no matter how many meeting rooms your property provides.

What is important to us at SmartOrder is that we help your service be the best it can be.

Our team is available at all times to receive your feedback.

Promote your outlets directly to the guest

Every succesful meeting needs a celebration.