What SmartOrder and Bizzer mean for you

  • 01
    The apps allow guests to order using their smartphone or tablet
    By scanning connecting to your WIFI, they access your menu
  • 02
    Lost in translation becomes a thing of the past
    as menu- and service-items can be presented in any language on the app.
  • 03
    Clear, beautiful menus to show what ever your establishment has on offer
    with the ability to show beautiful pictures on the app
  • 04
    The app is stand-alone for easy set-up
    What ever is ordered automatically appears on our companion app for staff

Digital Revolution

The SmartOrder App is downloaded by your guest from the App store directly to their phones or tablets, free of charge. Upon opening the app, they are presented with what offers you might have, your establishments amenities and any other notifications or promotions you would like them to view.
The guest then arrives at your establishments Menu. A clear, large logo will place no doubt in their mind where they are seated and the easy-to-navigate digital menu is very detailed indeed. Guests will have the ability to select options upon options as they would when ordering with staff.

Innovation & Technology Management

Bizzer and SmartOrder are innovative solutions

Apps and technology are changing the face of many businesses, giving them space to adapt to the ever more international customers. Our solutions are simple to navigate for guests and easy to manage for staff. Your establishment is ready for Service 2.0